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A SpEciaL MesSaGE FroM...


Due to circumstances beyond our control, it is with a heavy heart

that we must POSTPONE our show to 2023.

This has been a hard year for everyone and, unfortunately, the

various hardships we have faced over the course of this year

have forced us to make this difficult decision.

However, this IS NOT "goodbye".

The good news is that we are already making plans for a

busy 2023 Season, and are looking forward to finally

opening our doors to all our fellow Monster Kids!

We would like to thank all of our fans and subscribers for

all their support and enthusiasm - it has truly kept us going! 

We hope to reward your patience and expectation soon!

Please SUBSCRIBE to our mailing list, so we can send you

updates on our 2023 Season!

Thank you, everyone!

Peter Overstreet

Creative Director - The Monsters Mansion



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